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Our Standout Transformations

Gurvir B. Closed 13 Additional Multi Million Dollar Deals Within 10 months & Has 4 Additional Buyers In His Pipeline

Gurvir is a stellar real estate agent representing the Fraser Valley region. He closed 13 deals all within 10 months of joining the program, generating well over multiple six figures in GCI. Gurvir has established 50+ appointments for potential deal closings. Gurvir was extremely quick with his follow up and the systems at Go Agent Avenue allowed him to connect with cold prospects instantly giving him a competitive advantage and that one on one time to fulfill his clients.

State 1: His primary means of doing business was based on referrals and cold-prospecting and didn't have a system in place where he could nurture his cold prospecting leads. Referral pipeline started to slow down due to downward market trends.

State 2: Gurvir gained over 50 booked appointments which included meetings at homes and over zoom .This led to 13 closed transactions, 4 closings in the works in a short time frame. Gurvir strives to expand his business operations and fulfill a real estate team as he has dialed down a systemized process in place that he looks to replicate for his team in the coming months.

Gurvir came to us in a highly competitive market after drying up his pipeline and looking for other productive ways to do business. Upon joining our program, Gurvir has been self managing his own campaigns and adding many opportunities into his pipeline of which he has converted many into transactions. He is in the process of achieving 4 additional transactions with buyer agency agreements in place.

Market: Abbotsford, BC

Results: 13 closed deals within 10 months with another 4 buyer agreements in place

Agent: Gurvir B.

Brokerage: Century 21 Coastal Realty Ltd.

Matt Closed 3 Deals In 10 Days Equalling to $45,000 In Commissions


Matt's been selling real estate in Kelowna as a single agent with RE/MAX Kelowna since 2010. His business had originally been built on door knocking and cold calling early on but naturally evolved to become referral based over the last 5+ years. While he's grateful that his business has been successful in the last several years he had hit a point where at times he was way too busy to be a single agent but at other times not busy enough to provide business to a team of his own. The problem was that between work and home life he didn't have the energy or time to do the old-school things he used to do to generate additional business.

State 1:
The idea of trading time for dollars in his early years in the business made sense he knew he needed to evolve. He was stuck between a rock and hard place because he knew he was on the cusp of being able to create a team but he also needed to find a way to predictably and consistently generate more business without adding a lot more time.

State 2:

He spent $300 on ad-spend and let us take care of the rest. He secured an additional $45,000 (2 buyers and 1 seller).

Matt is now looking to up his ad spend and start scaling his very own real estate team. He's transitioning from an individual agent to a team leader.

Market: Kelowna, Okanagan

Results: $45,000 GCI from 3 booked appointments

Agent: Matt Ranger

Brokerage: REMAX

Kanwar Sanghera Closed 5 Transactions Within 6 Months & Landed A 4 Million+ $ Luxury Listing

Story: Newer agent, didn't know where to start and what to expect coming into a highly competitive Real Estate market in Metro Vancouver.

State 1: Was clueless about how to have a consistent source of leads coming in without giving up high commission splits . Kanwar bought leads which were extremely expensive and regretted paying thousands of dollars a month for a large number of fake numbers and emails.

State 2: Got Listing and Buyers Appointments Within 30 Days of Joining the Program Which in Return Resulted into 5 Transactions Closed and a Multi Million Dollar Luxury Listing Going Live.

Kanwar was like most agents coming into the industry, hungry, driven, motivated but simply lacked guidance to kick start the career. Kanwar ended up booking a call as a leap of faith and has never looked back since his real estate business has took off without posting anything on his socials.

Market: Vancouver, BC

Results: 5 Closed transactions and a $4 million+ listing

Agent: Kanwar S.

Brokerage: Re/Max Colonial Pacific Realty

Shae-lynn Pastro- 4 Closed Transactions with a 33x Return on Ad Spend Dollars in just 5 Months

Shae-lynn achieved a 33x return on investment towards her marketing dollars. She spent $1 on online paid advertising to make back $33.

State 1: Came inside the program with no online presence. Was looking for a predictable system to generate new conversations with different people every day. Cold calling, door knocking wasn’t time efficient and was taking up majority of her work week.

State 2: 4 closed transactions with $1500 in trackable ad spend.

Shae-lynn is an agent based out of Langley, BC. She came into the program looking for a predictable manner to generate appointments with new leads. After spending $1,500 on paid advertising, Shae-lynn has gone on to close multiple deals by referrals through the conversation started. These 4 deals were closed in a market where the average price of a detached home is $975,000. Shae-lynn made $33 in commissions for every $1 she spent on paid advertising. She is now looking to scale her ad budget to $20/day.

Market: Langley, BC

Results: 4 Closed Transactions with a 33x Return on Ad Spend Dollars in just 5 Months

Agent: Shae-lynn Pastro

Brokerage: Re/Max

Jaspinder Chattu Closed 10 Deals Within 12 Months While Being a Full-Time University Student

Story: Jaspinder was pursuing a Business degree full time at a top University while being a realtor which helped pay for his tuition fees and living expenses.

State 1: Did 3 deals his first year within just his sphere of influence.

State 2: Did 10 additional transactions within 12 months of joining the program while being a full time student and dedicating most of his time to his bachelors degree. Well over 6 figures as a student.

Jaspinder understood and systemized his business processes so that he can be efficient with his time outside of work. The systems in place allowed him to have automation control without needing to cold call or door knock. He is now going to hire an assistant to help him handle the number of appointment bookings in his calendar and will be starting his own real estate team after graduating.

Market: Fraser Valley

Results: 10 additional closed transactions within 12 months being a full time University student

Agent: Jaspinder C.

Brokerage: Stonehaus Realty

John Got 50+ Appointments Set for $0

Story: John a well experienced agent looking to expand his business and wanted to get into advertisements to add more predictability in the sales cycles. Little did John know, that he didn't even need to spend a dime to get more business.

State 1:
New business came from referrals and sphere of influence. Generating business through his personal podcast and Youtube channel with over 11K subs.

State 2:
50 appointments booked within 60 days with $0 spent on advertising. All organic appointments with no ad spend needed. John's calendar was so full that he didn't need to launch paid ads.

John L. is a single agent who runs a podcast called and has his own Youtube channel. Looking to scale his real estate business, John stumbled upon us. Within the first 60 days of working 1 on 1 with us, he booked 50 appointments all with $0 spent on advertising. These appointments were generated without any influence from his podcast and YouTube channel. He's now looking to scale his business through paid advertising and with organic, hyper-profitable Lead Gen strategies.

Market: Fraser Valley

Results: 50 booked appointments for $0

Agent: John L.

Brokerage: Sutton Realty

A Little About Me..

Hi I'm Charan...

Charan is the Founder of An online business that has helped over 100+ real estate agents scale their business. To date, the company has led to millions of dollars in gross income every year for their clients and hundreds of transactions all across North America. We will be expanding to other parts of the world next. 

As a realtor himself he understands the pain points and struggles on what is being practiced and taught in the market. Cold call, door knock, go after For Sale Buy Owner's, expired listings and even though these methods may still work in todays world, it is so limited in its capacity. 100's of agents are contacting the same houses, same expired listings.. Why not attract the right set of clients and have them come to you instead?

On the side, he runs the Renegade Real Estate Millionaire program to help top producers, team leaders and brokers create their own online business and buy back time freedom. What makes it special is that the methodology used can also be used as a mechanism to attract agents to downlines, local real estate teams and brokerages as well. 

(Spoiler Alert: The TOP Recruiters & Agent Attractors Are GOING to a REMOTE LIFESTYLE!)


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